WordPress Security Updates

Wordpress-Update WordPress hacking is becoming an increasing problem, and is affecting thousands of websites daily – many site owners are not even aware they’ve been hacked.

To ensure that you don’t become a victim to hackers, we are now offering a security package that will make your site almost impenetrable to hackers!

If you do not have the time, the interest or the knowledge to keep your web site updated, you can subscribe to a “WordPress Security Update*” plan with us for just 300 € (approx. 333 USD) per year. Our team will keep your website (both WordPress and add-ons) updated for you reducing the possibility of attack from hackers. For further information or for a quotation on the effective cost of this operation contact us using the form in the “Contact Us” section.

Unlimited WordPress Updates (for 1 year) - Whenever there is a new update to WordPress we will log-in to your site and upgrade to the new version. On average, a minor update to WordPress is released every couple of weeks or so.

Unlimited Plugin Updates (for 1 year) - We will also keep all your plugins up-to-date. Everytime we update WordPress we will also update any plugins that have new versions.

Unlimited Theme Updates - For those that have a Theme framework (Such as WooThemes) that is regularly updated, we will update your Theme framework whenever a new version is released. These frameworks are updated more than once a month on average.

Free & Unlimited Hack & Security Support (for 1 year) - If, somehow, your WordPress installation still gets hacked, we will not charge anything to fix the problem.

While no one can guarantee you won't be hacked in the future, our WordPress Security Update service helps reduce the risk of future attacks, and helps you recover faster (and less expensively) if one ever does occur.

Keep your site clean, up and running with minimal effort!

* The WordPress Security Update pagkage covers only upgrades WITHIN the existing WordPress major versions. If a new WordPress major version will be released, wich will need a partial or total rebuild of the site, this package will not cover that migration. Same applies for your plugins and themes, if these will need more attention, than a regular, standard upgrade, you will need to aquire the services for performing these actions.  If purchase of commercial components will be needed, the price will be added to the final invoice. If you need more services, than those covered by this package, you should consider upgrading to our WordPress Support Services or to use our Pay-as-you-go service.