Website Support Services

Ongoing support is valuable, especially since many new website owners lack the skills or time to perform important tasks that need to be completed after a website is launched. Running a business can be tough. You donțt need on top of that extra headaches relate to your web presence. We may become your trusted advisor and one stop resource: we are offering free consultation time included with most of our packages for our clients to call and ask for advice. Or, alternatively, we are offering these consultations independently of these, based on a flexible rate.

WordPress and Joomla are among the most popular Content Management Systems (CMSs). They have also become popular for malicious actors, as cybercriminals target sites on these platforms for hacking and injecting malicious content. The most well-known threats to CMS sites are the result of vulnerabilities introduced by outdated core, poorly written, unmaintained plugins, themes, and extensions. For many websites, especially those based on a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla!, regular updates are a fact of life. If you own a site based on Joomla or Wordpress you need regularly check these sites for vulnerabilities, and keep them up to date. Clicking on the update button is easy, but understanding the process and being able to deal with the unpredictable is hard. You might have no clue how to update a site’s core software, such as a CMS like Joomla or WordPress, or how to test and improve the site over time. Most likely you have no idea how to stage a change before taking it live or reverse an update that sends things awry. And this is the moment when we are coming into picture: we can take off this from your shoulders and keep your sites in top shape.

Hosting your site is also an important factor of your sitețs lyfecicle. You donțt need to be a hosting expert to do it with majority of hosting providers today. But still you may factor time into your plans for investigation and resolution of issues. The scope of what you can cover with technical support (e.g., domain issues, hosting, Joomla/WordPress core, themes, plugins) will depend on what you’re comfortable with. Better call us to deal with these issues - we have the time and expertise, and, ultimately we are also offering our hosting services too.

And then there’s security — hackers love to deface websites for no other reason than because they can. Site security is a huge problem for poorly maintained sites everywhere. Secure setup and ongoing monitoring is valuable for small businesses that can’t afford to manage it on their own. Even if you as the site owner have the skills to deal with these things, you might not have the time. We have both.

Joomla Migration Services

joomla-migrationJoomla Migration to latest available version - a step you must consider

Registered Joomla Services providerJoomla 1.0 reached his end of life in June 2009, Joomla 1.5 in September 2012, Joomla 2.5 in December 2014. There are no more security releases for these versions. In fact all versions of Joomla prior to Joomla 2.5.28 and versions of Joomla 3.* prior to latest official release are vulnerable. Also is a fact, that more, than 3.5 million of Joomla powered sites where hacked in the year 2014 alone. With Joomla 4.* released, you have no more excused to begin to plan your migration!

So check your version of Joomla! If you are already on one of 3.* versions, you can solve your problem by using the one click upgrade feature to get the latest stable release. If you have any of earlier versions, you need to plan to migrate - and fast.

You don't need to migrate only for security reasons. Joomla has been improved dramatically over the years, an migration let you access the new features, like the improved content structure, clan, fast, mobile friendly backend, built in change tracking for content, the new built in tagging system, and generally a responsive-ready, Bootstrap powered engine.

The new Joomla Extensions Directory hosts 7500+ hand-picked, cross-checked, feature full add-ons for the new engine (among them, 15+ of extensions built by ourselves).

If you are a versed Joomla developer, you can do the migration on your own, but most of the site-owners does not have the expertise, the time or both to do the big leap. Generally, older and more feature packed your site is, the migration will be more complicated, and you might risk to loss part of your data, your SEO assets, other things you want to preserve.

We are here to help, we are migrating Joomla sites since the fork between Mambo an Joomla happened (practically we have done our first migration from Mambo to Joomla in late September 2005), and as the maintainers of site we already demonstrated, that we know this CMS from inside out. So, if you need a genuine Joomla guru to hire, here we are!

What this step will cost me?

It's a hard to respond question. Due to the versatility of Joomla, each site built on this CMS is unique, so obviously migrating cost varies with the site's complexity. Small and simple sites (with few and simple extensions) built with a relatively recent Joomla, properly coded might cost somewhere around €300-450. As the complexity increases and the CMS version used is older, the prices naturally are increasing. So sites of medium complexity might cost between €500-750. Big and complex sites (sites with e-commerce, community, and or CCK extensions like K2) are starting at €1000. Sites with home grown components, extra, non Joomla features (as ones connecting to other databases too, or performing non core functions) can cost even more. But we have the knowledge to handle most of situations, including building custom Joomla components if needed.

What if I have already a Joomla security contract/I am hosting the site with you?

this is a great advantage. We know your site from inside out, so you can expect a quick turnaround and a great price for the migration!

What if I have a Joomla 2.5 site? You said it's secure!

It's a clear difference between migrating different Joomla versions. Migrating from Joomla 2.5 to 3.* is considered a mini-migration - so, more, than a simple upgrade, but generally simpler, than a migration from Joomla 1.5 for example. But you still need to upgrade, as is described pretty clearly by the core developer team in this article. I don't have much to add to their reasoning. So the question is not IF you need to migrate, but WHEN you will do it. In mean time you should add the latest available patches, and be sure, to have the latest stable official Joomla 2.5 release (Joomla 2.5.28).

OK, got the idea, what I need to do?

Migrating a Joomla site begins with planning. Before contacting a pro, you will need to take that proverbial pencil and paper sheet, and think about key questions a pro will ask from you:

do you want to keep the design?

Probably not, especially if the site is older, and is not mobile friendly/responsive. But you might want to keep as much from the existing page elements as is possible - so, try to do an inventory of what you want to keep, and what can be/should be dumped.

do you want to keep ALL features of the site?

Also there might be parts of the site you no more need, but in same time you might want new features.

what are the key features/functionalities you want to preserve?

Prepare yourself for the eventuality that your preferred component/module/plugin is no more available, and will need to be replaced!

what are the key data you want to keep?

There can be a lot of things, beginning with data collected over the years bu a Joomla statistics component, user accounts which have not been used by years, other things you might want to dump with this migration.

what are your key landing pages?

Preserving the SEO assets is one key point of any migration process. But no one can you guarantee a 100% success - especially on older, larger sites. You need to pinpoint your key assets, and you need to focus on them.

Now you can proceed. If you are a skilled Joomla Developer, it can be a straightforward project, but if you don't have the time or just want a pro to do it, please contact us for a quote. Keep your data you collected above handy, and don't hesitate to contact us for a quote. We will analyze your site FREE OF CHARGE. We will need Super Administrator access for this purpose. Our team will get back to you with an estimate in a few days.

We take the time to study and analyze EVERY site that asks for a quote, so some cases might take up to a week.

Joomla Support Services

joomla-support-servicesJoomla Support Contract from €60.00 per month (€1.97 per day)

Registered Joomla Security Services providerAlthough Joomla! is unanimously considered one of the most reliable CMS it is very important, for the safety of your web site to keep it constantly updated. Most hacked Joomla websites are a result of Joomla or extensions not being kept up to date. Our Joomla starter contract cover the essentials to keep your website up to date and to have an affordable support retained:

We do not limit the number of updates installed each month to Joomla or covered extensions.

Joomla support contract customers can use their support minutes in the following areas:

  • General website help and support
  • Content updates and creating new pages
  • Search engine optimization
  • Template tweaks
  • Creating contact forms
  • Selecting extensions
  • Installing and configuring extensions
  • Installing and configuring modules
  • Changes to menus
  • Consultancy and advise

Support contracts are for a specific website and are for a minimum of 12 months. Unused support time can be used in the next month only, being basically a form of support retainer: you can be sure that anytime during our business hours you can use the prepaid time you have in your contract, having priority over other customers. Contracts can be negotiated to contain more services/more retained support time, or you can use our Pay-as-you-go Joomla support to add extra support time to your contract as needed.

Call Us!

So, if you need a Joomla guru to hire for your site, don't hesitate: we have great offers for any scenarios you might have!

Joomla Security Audit

 - your first step to learn about your site's security status

Registered Joomla Security Services providerMalware doesn't discriminate. It doesn’t only infect popular sites. In fact, most malware attacks are automated, which means you’re as much of a target as anyone. And if you do get infected, it can do more than disrupt your site – it can ruin your reputation. Even if we recommend to everyone to request our Joomla Security Update service, we also offer an one-time Joomla Security audit to let you know how your site is looking like security wise, what are the security leaks you need to be aware of and what are our recommendations to prevent your site from being hacked.

You must be aware, that we don't do any changes to your site, we just examine it in order to build for you a list of recommendations! Based on the results, you can decide about what to do next based on the real security status of your Joomla site

Here is a list of what we usually checking. The list is only a restricted sample of our usual tasks, the complete list varies depending on your version of Joomla, your installed extensions, the server environment you use and several other factors.


  • Your .htaccess file has been modified recently (301 re-directs away from your site, or to pages that aren't familiar)
  • The files belonging to the version of Joomla you have are EXACTLY the same as the ones in the official packages
  • Your config.php file was changed recently
  • Any of your template files was changed recently
  • You have files/directories which should not be there (odd index.php files in directories where they should not to be, for example)
  • Your database has oddly named tables
  • Your image directory (and couple of other similar directories) has files in it that end in something other than an image format extension, such as ".php"
  • You have administrative users in the backend you don't are aware of!
  • You have weird back-links, your page has unusual keywords in search-engine indexes
  • With Google beginning to mask almost all keywords, it's harder nowadays to find out if users are coming to your site using keywords common to spammers (like pharma terms or payday loans). Still, it's worth digging into your analytics and also checking your Joomla search history in the backend to see what kinds of information people are attempting to find on your site.
  • You have outdated extensions or extensions with known vulnerabilities
  • Your site is listed by any blacklisting service, has bad WOT (Word of Trust) or any similar ratings
  • Your site contains any known malware code.


The amount of work to be done is varying due to many factors, so we can give you a price for the service only after doing a free, no strings attached preliminary examination of your site, but we have a good news for you! Our prices are starting from 50 €/70$. Even better, if you choose the Joomla Security Update service, the service is FREE.

WordPress Site Dehacking

wordpress-hackedMalware doesn't discriminate. It doesn’t only infect popular sites. In fact, most malware attacks are automated, which means you’re as much of a target as anyone. And if you do get infected, it can do more than disrupt your site – it can ruin your reputation.

For as low as* 250USD/200€ we will examine your site, will quarantine and remove all infected files, cleaning your WordPress install from hacker's code, and notify Google that it is now safe and remove the warning. As part of our company policy wich includes hardening WordPress installs as we are working them, you will benefit from this too, we will add our tried and true of free WordPress security components and apply our best security related settings to make your site more hacker proof in the future. We offer a quick restoration service that gets your website back up and running and installs safeguards to help prevent future hacking.

We will:

  • Remove malicious scripts and files from your web space
  • Clean your WordPress theme and uploads folder
  • Install the latest version of WordPress
  • Reinstall the latest versions of the plugins you use
  • Change all your passwords to very strong secure ones
  • Secure your WordPress website
  • Hardening your site with addition of extra software protection layer
  • Installing an early warning system
  • Install a simple backup system
  • Get your website up and running again

Depending on how many plugins and uploads a site has, this process is very time consuming.  Restoration time depends on how many files make up your website as they all need to get checked.

Get your site cleaned and back in order!

* Actual prices can vary. On the evaluation phase we will notify you if the actual situation requires more efforts/resources - so bigger price. But generally, on most cases our initial price for cleaning hacked sites will cover all expenses.