Price List for the Provision of Translation Services

All rates are in Euro, based on the source text word count and are exclusive of VAT.

1. Translation rates - basic fees

Romanian into Hungarian 0,048 €/word
Hungarian into Romanian 0,052 €/word
Other languages into Hungarian 0,058 €/word
Other languages into Romanian 0,062 €/word
Hungarian into Other languages* 0,064 €/word
Romanian into Other languages* 0,070 €/word
Other languages into Other languages 0,080 €/word

* Other languages, i.e. English and French. These rates apply for translation of general texts. General texts are those in which the percentage of technical terms does not exceed 10% of the word count.

2. Additional charges

Technical translation:

If the amount of technical terms included in the source text exceeds 10%, the following rates apply:

technical terms between 10 - 20%:
a surcharge of 10%
technical terms over 20%:
a surcharge of 20%.
Additional checking (e.g. of the proper use of the technical terms in the target language):
a surcharge of 50%.

Rush charge:

turnaround within 24 hours
1.750 to 3.750 words an extra 60% may be applied
turnaround within 48 hours
1.750 to 3.750 words an extra 30% may be applied
turnaround within 72 hours
over 3.750 words but not exceeding 1.750/8 hour workday an extra 15% may be applied

Prices quoted above are subject to negotiation.

3. Discounts

We offer discounts for high volume or regular work, and 10% discount when you pay upfront for your translations.